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The Optimized Life Podcast - Plant Medicine & Psychedelics

Plant medicine and psychedelics have been shown to have many therapeutic benefits with very few side effects. They are currently being studied …

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Gut Brain Axis - Jess Janda

In this episode I am going to explain how the gut brain axis could be contributing to your mystery health symptoms. 4 …

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Optimize Your Mental Wellness - Jess Janda

In this episode I am going to walk you through 10 Simple Habits to Optimize Your Mental Wellness. And show you how to …

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How to Stop Sugar Cravings - Jess Janda

If you have ever wondered how to stop Sugar Cravings for good you have come to the right place. Do you ever …

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Healthy Brownie Bites - Jess Janda

Gut Healthy Brownie Bites are here for the win! The entire family will love these Healthy Brownie Bites. Even the kids! And …

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Quitting Drinking - Jess Janda

In this episode I will teach you how to feel better after quitting drinking. Alcohol had officially gotten in the way of …

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Ayahuasca - Jess Janda

Participating in an ayahuasca ceremony is something I have had on my radar for a while now. FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS NATIVE …

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Brain Fog & Fatigue - Jess Janda

In this episode I will teach you how to get to the to the root cause of brain fog and fatigue and …

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Am I an Alcoholic - Jess Janda

And there I found myself, once again, Googling Am I an Alcoholic?  But no really, Am I an alcoholic? And the it …

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