Jess Janda

Let me show you how to design a life you love

Because life is better in Flip Flops

Do you ever feel like you’ve checked off all the right boxes in life? You’ve done all the things society said were the definition of success & still there was a sense of emptiness? You are fulfilled in many ways but you know there has to be something more out there for you. You feel like you have a greater purpose in life but not sure what that is?

Or maybe you or someone you love has been negatively affected by mental wellness issues. You want to part of a movement that’s focused on reversing those issues so people can thrive in their own skin.

You know you have been put on this planet for something bigger. You yearn for an inspiring, fulfilling, passionate, creative environment where you are free to dream & serve on a much bigger scale

My Mission:

I help high performers and go getters who strive to live life outside of the box create the mental edge, clarity and stamina needed to be the change maker you were put on this earth to be.

I Believe:

You are:

Join us in creating one of the biggest forces of positive social change, helping people transform their mental wellness!

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