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How to Optimize Your Environment for Remote Work

How to Optimize Your Environment for Remote Work - Jess Janda

With all of the changes this year, many of our clients have suddenly found themselves having to adjust to remote work where they are juggling kids, being home and a number of other distractions.

If you’re struggling to create a environment that supports your remote work, you’ll definitely want to join us for episode 11 of The Optimized Life Podcast.

We’re talking all about how to optimize your environment for remote work.

This includes your planning your week, working in time blocks, optimizing your physical work space, the importance of taking breaks and creating routines to support your mental and physical health.

Episode 11: How to optimize your Environment for remote work

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Choose one day each week to plan out the week ahead. Start by writing down everything you want or need to do. Make sure to include time for breaks, play or fun – your brain and body need that time to recharge.

Once you have a list, time block your calendar and plan out what you’ll do in each block of time.

Taking this time to plan out your week sets you up for success as you’ve intentionally planned your priorities with purpose.

This can also help to free you from overwhelm, as you know what you’re going to focus on and when. Plus, you’re no longer trying to hold everything inside your head.


Though we’re not always aware of it, our physical environment can have a huge impact in how we’re able to focus on do our best work.

Take time to look at your workspace. Is it helping you to stay focused and productive?

If not, take a little time to set it up to support you.

Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

  • Clean up clutter
  • Invest in an ergonomic chair or a standing desk – We love our UPLIFT Desk. 
  • Try using blue light blocking glasses if you’re spending most of your workday staring at a computer screen


Before you start your workday, you can set yourself up for success with a morning routine.

Every morning before touching technology, I have a morning routine that consists of:

  1. Meditation – I do a combination of Anapana, Vipassana and Metta meditation.
  2. Warm lemon water – to activate my digestive tract
  3. Morning sunlight exposure – to get my cortisol and serotonin flowing
  4. Movement – this is when I would pick up my phone, put my Airpods in and crank up Tiesto Club Life as I ride my bike to the gym

Cultivating this morning routine over the past 9 years has been so helpful in reducing my negative ruminating thinking while at the same time reducing stress and improving serenity levels.

You could also use this time for prayer, reading, journaling or any activity that helps you get into a state of positivity and flow.

Beginning your day with an intentional morning routine allows you to come into your workspace in a positive, productive state of mind.


It’s so important to take breaks throughout our day. Taking just a little time to step away, allows your brain and body to recharge, so you can come back, focus, and give it your best.

If you’re able to, get outside during your breaks.

And while you’re taking a break, add some movement to your day. It doesn’t have to be a full workout – even stretching or rolling out using a foam roller can help.

Your body was built to move and adding movement can help release some of the energy you’re holding in your body, helping you feel more relaxed and focused when you return to your work.


Just as we want to begin our days with intention, it’s important to give ourselves time to wind down and relax.

Especially since we’re working and living in the same space, it’s important to have routines that help us transition and set aside work for the day.

My evening routine consists of slathering Essentially Salv-ee Magnesium Lotion on my feet, turning red lights on in my bedroom and doing crossword puzzles or reading for 30 minutes. Red light therapy 30 minutes before bed improves sleep and melatonin levels.

My calming routine could also include of diffusing some essential oils, taking an Epsom salt bath and a short meditation depending on the day.

What helps to calm you?

What helps you relax?

Find ways to bring this into your evening routine.

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