Jess Janda

Hi I’m Jess Janda. I am a island girl from Hawaii transplanted to Austin, TX. I am a wife, dog mom, surfer, foodie, planet lover and a technology architect turned green living and wellness entrepreneur. After attending Carnegie Mellon University and spending 10 years clawing my way up the corporate ladder in the finance industry I decided that there had to be more to life. On August 31, 2009 I walked away from a lucrative 6 figure career and never looked back. I now help others, who are passionate about leaving a positive mark on the world, create wellness businesses that can be run from anywhere in the world.


  • In dreaming big, because your life can really be whatever you want it to be
  • That you should be able to dictate how you spend your time and who to spend it with
  • That you were put on this earth to make an extraordinary difference and leave a lasting legacy for your family
  • That an abundance of free time and unlimited income are not mutually exclusive
  • That you should be able to schedule your work around the things that you are passionate about
  • That every single day your work should be tied to changing the world in a positive way
  • That incorporating minimalism and mindfulness into your life can be a game changer
  • Life is better in Flip Flops

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