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5 Reasons You Are Not Taking Action

Taking Action - Jess Janda

When it comes to figuring out what idea you want to bring forward to the world, what is getting in the way of you taking action?

Let’s face it you’ve probably had 100’s of business ideas over your lifetime and every episode of Shark Tank serves as a nagging reminder of a missed opportunity brought to you by procrastination and inaction.  

But what exactly causes people to procrastinate and not take action?

I once said to my coach “I wish I could pay someone to sit with me and force to stick to my schedule and complete my tasks, kind of life a sober companion of sorts but for entrepreneurs.”

Something was getting in the way of me taking action despite knowing exactly what I needed to do to move my business forward.

She gently reminded me, in trauma informed way, that:

  1. Without the mental stamina, clarity and stress resilience needed to bring an idea forward to world it’s nearly impossible to move past the procrastination and wishful thinking hamster wheel
  2. It wasn’t my lack of clarity or work ethic that was getting in the way me achieving my goals and making the money I knew I deserved but rather it was my unhealed emotional trauma (shit) and self-sabotaging attachment patterns that were keeping me stuck

And that without optimizing my mental wellness, healing my emotional trauma and addressing my self-sabotaging attachment patterns I would continue to stay stuck in every area of my life (health, business and relationships).


So that began my lifelong commitment to prioritizing my mental wellness, healing my emotional crap and identifying and shifting my attachment patterns.

So far, it’s been the best investment to date.

And it was a good reminder that all the courses, seminars and masterminds in the world didn’t matter until I really took the time to heal my emotional shit and get “UNSTUCK.”

Light bulb moment.

So now it’s become my life’s work to help other aspiring online entrepreneurs on a similar path optimize their mental wellness, heal their emotional crap and learn how to identify and shift their attachment patterns so they can finally stop procrastinating and take action.

So, let’s dive in!

In this episode You will Learn the 5 Reasons You Are Procrastinating and Not Taking Action:

And how addressing these 5 things will help you stop procrastinating and start taking action.

5 Reasons You Are Procrastinating and Not Taking Action:


Your attachment patterns are keeping you stuck


This pattern manifests itself as constantly needed reassurance, ruminating thinking, obsessive compulsive tendencies, moodiness, highly emotional and unpredictable.


This pattern can be found in people who are emotionally unavailable, stoic, prefer to be alone and value a high amount of independence and self-sufficiency, also leans toward obsessive compulsive tendencies.


This pattern manifests itself as scattered mindset and emotions, dysfunctional relationships, dissociation to avoid pain, antisocial and addictive behaviors.

Can you identify the characteristics and patterns that might be applicable to you?

Going through this exercise was very eye opening for me.


You are not mentally optimized

Learning to operate from your zone of genius and bringing your idea forward to the world takes an immense amount of mental energy.

Brain fog, emotional exhaustion, low energy levels, anxiety, poor sleep quality and not being able to poop are all things that get in the way of being able to “think” and “create”.

All of these health conditions can be addressed through a simple protocol to optimize your gut brain connection and balance your stress response (adrenals).

One of the 1st things I do with my clients is to have them take the Mental Wellness Assessment shown below so we can get a baseline of their mental wellness and start addressing areas that need to be improved – you can take the assessment for yourself by clicking the START NOW button:


Your nervous system isn’t regulated

One of the biggest reasons why you are procrastinating and not taking action is due to nervous system dysregulation.

And if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s been the importance of keeping our nervous system regulated.

Because without a regulated nervous system, you won’t be able to fully bring your idea forward in a meaningful or authentic way.

People can sense in the anxiousness, disorganization, dysregulation and incongruency a mile away.

When it comes to a regulated nervous system remember that ALL things you ingest matter. 

Whether its food, news, people, social media etc. I encourage you to be VERY mindful of this especially right now.

If there was ever a good time to invest in your health and eat better-quality food, it’s now. Join a local CSA. Up your fruit, vegetable and healthy fat intake – all needed to ensure your brain and body is firing on all cylinders.  

When it comes to news or social media one glance can easily send the most of zen of us into a downward spiral.

It’s so important not to allow other dysregulated people to dump their unhealed shit into your orbit or to get sucked into the comparison black hole. And right now, it’s like a warzone on social media. Do yourself a favor and stop the dopamine hit madness.

If you haven’t already installed News Feed Eradicator for Facebook Chrome Extension I highly recommend it. Click HERE to download it.

Uninstall phone apps and limit your time reading news and on social media. Unless you are going to take tangible action to impact change in the areas that get you riled up reading or engaging with it is not worth it.

Lastly, nurture your grounding and quieting practices.

Start your day with a quieting/meditation practice.

Work in time blocks. Take frequent breaks throughout the day.

Go outside and put your feet on the earth. Hug a tree.

You get the point.

New to meditation? Start with my favorite meditation teacher Tara Brach HERE.


You aren't listening to your intuition

This is a really big one ya’ll especially when it comes to procrastination not taking action.

For years I ignored my intuition and followed societies definition of success. 

I had big dreams of being an environmental and conservation activist but somehow, I found myself as a technology architect designing trading systems Wall Street.

That unaligned and unfulfilling career was detrimental to my mental, physical and spiritual health and it was caused solely by me not listening to my intuition.

Now when it comes to bringing a new idea forward, if something is not a “fuck yes” in the pit of my stomach it’s a “fuck no”.

I encourage you to do the same by feeling into your intuition with every decision you make.

Put your hand over your heart and feel. Does your heartbeat speed up? Do you get butterflies in your stomach?

“You had the power all along, my dear.” ~ L. Frank Baum


You are blocking and/or you don’t believe you are worthy of receiving support

A mentor once asked me, how many thousands of dollars has procrastination and not taking action cost you? I thought to myself, it’s cost me more like hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yikes.

That question was a wakeup call for me.

In my early days as an entrepreneur I spent tons of time hustling, googling and trying to figure everything out on my own. I was constantly trying to pound the square peg into round hole which led to burnout and exhaustion. Don’t make the same mistake. Its not worth it.

After making the decision to live a sober conscious life 7 years ago, I realized that the key to operating from a place flow and inspired action was learning how to ask for, invest in and receive support.

Investing in yourself through support and mentorship is the 1st step to healing. And finding the right mentor can most definitely help you fast track your success.

If you would like to explore what highly personalized 1:1 mentorship from me would look like please fill out my questionnaire HERE to book a discovery call.

And remember despite societal conditioning and norms your life can be whatever you want it to be. You are worthy.

If not now, when?



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